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No matter the online banner advertisement , individualized advertisement, or interval advertisement, any kind of communication must weigh the demand of bandwidth and high-quality. Our advertising experts, will blend the most advanced technology into the creation inspiration,present you the most effective and the richest combination program of media release.
The advertisement is classified by media: The rigid advertisement of the newspaper and software propaganda , television advertisement, broadcast advertisement, magazine advertisment, outdoor advertisement, an advertisement of sales outlet (POP ), the advertisement of the gift, post (DM ) the directe ppost advertisement , Internet's mutual advertisement , electrical propagate products.

The advertising media is the advertising information carrier, the advertisement gives advertising information dissemination to the goal public through media.If the media does not carry any information, the advertisement is out of existence. Creating personages , the characteristic of the advertising media must be known very well before creating, the law and generality existing in the different kinds of media must be known as well. Hold the special individual character of different media firmly , in order to make the advertisement creation suitable for the law meeting media, give full play to the media character, make the advertisement reach the anticipated result in propagating.

Advantage of the advertising media
Media AD of the newspaper Television AD Magazine AD Broadcasting AD Outdoor AD AD of sales outlet Internet's AD
1 The circulation of the newspaper is great with full spreading function, The goal of the AD is clear The spreading speed is fast , in extensive range The distribution is wide , Continuous is strong Can help promote the buying behavior effectively It is with complete function of spreading, global unity
2 The timeliness is strong, It spreads rapidly It is vivid to demonstrate Printing exquisitly, an expression ablility is relatively strong Urge people to imagine , have good effect The shape is various, have a good adaptability Advertising prescroption is long, with good effect It is vivid to demonstrate
3 Simple and convenient and flexible It is widly accepted by the audience, deepen in each family Duration is long, there are many stressed chances Making is convenient, prescroption is fast, the expenses are low The audience is extensive, the composition is with high uncertainty Various informative, comprehensive strength is strong Duration is long, there are many stressed chances
4 Enjoy high prestige "leading function" in the whole advertising activity Good AD propagating environment The flexibility is strong The cost is relatively low Stronger independence and mobility The guiding is strong, the additional amount of information is great, an expression is strong
5 The expenses are relatively low         Display the vigor of the sales outlet Audiences have strong property of participation
Limitation of the advertising media
Media AD of the newspaper Television AD Magazine AD Broadcast the AD Outdoor AD AD of sales outlet Internet's AD
1 The vitality is transient Making is complicated, the expenses are large It is long, time is slow Only the sound has no image Watching time attentively short, it is limited to transmit information The space is limited The space is limited
2 Absent minded Disappear in a twinkling, difficult memory The expenses are relatively large It is bad to pay attention to degree The advertising target's alternative is bad Coordinate the degree of difficulty high wholly  
3 The shape is single Independence is relatively bad, spreading interfere is great Strongly professional, propagate the surface narrowly Disappear in a twinkling It is bad to pay attention to degree    
4 The advertising goal target has bad alternative The AD bearing surface is relatively narrow.          
Attention main point of the advertising media
Media AD of the newspaper Television AD Magazine AD Broadcast the AD Outdoor AD AD of sales outlet Internet's AD
1 Improve the fixing one's eyes on rate Hold audience's attention The advertising picture is chosen precisely Utilize radio to carry on the notice AD Simplify the information Distinct, succinct Data and throwing analysing
2 Both pictures and texts are excellent Succinct content , the goal is single Reducing the number of the content, it is single to demand The copy of AD should be brief, popular, in spoken language Deal with the picture rationally Notice the vision discerning continuity The advertising picture is chosen precisely
3 Strive to be simple Look at, hear and cooperate effectively Reason combining with feeling, strengthen the persuading ability Repeat properly Notice that coordinates with the surrounding environment Define the purpose,and avoiding the person of greater importance is relegated to the background Reducing the content, it is single to demand
4 Choose the favorable position Remember well the products are protagonists of television advertising Various informative, it is superior in design The background music is selected for use properly Pay attention to legibility Let slip no opportunity Various informative, it is superior to design
5 Prevent the adjoint AD from interfering           Lead audiences to have a look around additional information

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