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Industry design

More and more modern productions have been occured based on the rapid development of science technology and social-economy .There is a kind of saying said the products with the complicated internal structures are being named as complex products and without internal complicated structure the simple products, this is just the point of view from superficial phenomena of the matters, In fact, in modern time no matter what kinds of complex products or simple one, its scientific technology function are equally complex and abstruse.If you do not know this ,there will be no deeper design conception and development of the products to be discovered,and also lose the market competition.Although the internal structure owned by production generally have a fairly long period of structural stability,this period of production design is usually dominated by the shape model,but how to achieve your new style,you must also keep in mind with the most advanced new materials, new technique to produce.In order to improve the competitiveness of products in the market,the products without internal structures looks like simple, is always style-oriented,however,the underlying developing improvement in materials texture and appearance process decorative innovation and human-computer interaction improvements, combined with new type and introduce to the market, will surely be able to instead of the old product, and expandsion in the market share.

To improve product quality, technological level of the product plays a main role,without the improvement of science and technology ,the upgrading of production is impossible, and more difficult to create a new generation of lifestyle, this is one aspect of the point.
Some function on the products is not bad, some qualities even exceed that of the same products in the foreign countries, for instance lathe , wrist-watch ,etc.. but unfortunately lack the competition in international market,the reason is the price is low and the other one is less of style , such situation needs the designer (engaged in designer , model of products , ) to go further, naturally the problem related the advanced problems about the surface design and more developement technology of the production,so need designer to make joint efforts to solve the problem.
Carry on the changes of traditional productions, we need a large number of testing and in-depth study on Ergonomic aspect.How to improve the use effect of the product in order to make it more convenient to use , easy to operate, easy to carry , more secure and energy, feel comfortable and pleasant to see etc...

But until the new product is designed and shown out,it can't be said as goods , the goods are not the same with the use facilities of the consumers, it is only the first step for manufactures, the more important thing is how to make the consumers pleasant to buy , so we need to make a market plan for the products, including the packaging , advertising and various kinds of marketing process of the products.

In sum,regarding successful of a production design and share market that it occupies, base overall processing of the prodcution,under the leadership of the prodcuction design that can sum up as the following four aspects.Such as:

1.Occupies the advanced scientific and technological level with large scientific and technological elemant are employed.
2.Products shape-designing should be kept perfectly so as to ensure the style is novel and various with higher aesthetic value.
3.Research on ergonomics studies.
4.Research of product marketing.

Based on these rules, three principles on design are concluded:
The purpose of design of " sincere principle " is to offer the products to those consumers with real requirement, make it seems that this is just the product that the customers requiredand suitable to use in their life. This kind of situation though well-targeted but how the product itself should be, it can't be clearly infered by every consumer.So,this requires designer's thoughtful consideration of the products, not only the consumerd could think out, but also could cover everthing that beyond their imagination. This matches the theory of Mr.Ram's of "Be honesty to the customer". For realizing such idea, the designers are not by asking consumers what do they need, but think independently,and create a kind of idea on the product.

"Ergonomic Principles" is one kind of design measurement that study on human nature and their behavior and it reinforces using convenience of the production.

" Function principle "is a right and proper design creed since Ballhaus times that was reconized by modernism designers, and, it is also a perfect and concrete promise in the advertisement for the manufacture showed to his customer.

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