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Price of advertisement design
Design object Design function Design content Design prices
Planar design
(1) Propagate the brands of enterprises
(2) Propagate the function of the products
(3) Enterprises service show
(4) Show the goods and promote
(5) Procedure show
(6) Study course
(1) Propagate the target to analyse
(2) Environment of sales outlet
(3) Product analysis of the competition
(4) Appointing symbol and copy case.
(5) The characters design
(6) The figure design
(7) Color design
(8) The picture composition design
1,000-30,000 yuan of RMB / case
Show the design
(1) The exhibition is designed overallly
(2) Planning of the design drawing
(3) The unified image of the exhibition is designed
(4) Architectural design of the exhibition
(5) The space of the exhibition is designed
(6) The composition shown design
(1) Preliminary planning, characters edit,
Design basis, technical data,Understand exhibits , familiar with information

Graphic design
Effect Picture Design

Show Elevation

Exhibition drawings


Emblem design
The flag design
The mascot design
The hall clothes design

The exhibition points out symbol system

(4) Architectural design of the exhibition

The space function design
The spacepsychology design
Aesthetic design of the space


content show and space distribution


Passing type

Open type

1,000-50,000 yuan of RMB / case

According to different design objects and concrete conditions, designing prices will have different changes, if you hope to understand the detailed information about the price , please contact us .

Note: We can also offer website design according to your need and budget ,Other relevant services that multimedia design or the media release ,etc..
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