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Electronic publishing design

About Adobe Acrobat
With the development of Internet, the electronic file exchanges is becoming more and indispensable in business activities. Adobe Acrobat can help you establish electronic file simply and fast, and the Acrobat Reader which is download for free enable others to read the content of the email easily.

Adobe Acrobat is made up of a series of packages .Through Acrobat Distiller or PDF Writer can transfer electronic files or scan paper file, make it become PDF file , the greatest advantage of PDF file is the original appearance file kept . Through Adobe Acrobat, you can increase some interactive functions , such as chaining, form , film, through Acrobat Catalog, you can also offer the word index of the full text to PDF file.

You can read PDF file through Acrobat Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or network browser, you can carry on the transmission of the file through network , network server , CDs and disc.

Adobe Acrobat can be divided into three parts:
(1). Producers: PDF Writer/Acrobat Distiller/Adobe Acrobat
(2). Viewers: Adobe Acrobat/Adobe Reader
(3). Indexers: Acrobat Catalog

Workflow and file type will determine you which way does PDF file adopt to establish and which kind of way to browse the file.
(1).PDF Writer can transfer the simple file into PDF file, such as the word processing software or the file which the trial balance procedure produced.
(2). Acrobat Distiller can change more complicated file into PDF file. For example, the file produced by mapping software , software for composing or editing.
(3). Adobe Acrobat can make, revise and browse PDF file, and can carry on password protection , hypertext chaining, electronic bookmark , media's passage (media clips ) and interactive form. You can change the paper file scanned too.
(4). Acrobat Reader can let you have a look around PDF file , you can download Acrobat Reader of different platforms of website free . If you have not bought Adobe Acrobat but need to read PDF file, you can use Acrobat Reader to finish this task . Acrobat Reader can watch , have a look around , and type PDF file , but you can not carry on any modification to it .
(5). Acrobat Catalog can let you establish the index of a full text to a group of PDF files , you can use this index to search this group of PDF files . Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat Reader can use Search query tool to search .

Design publication in WWW
Because the network browser can allow you to operate the other application program in the window of the browser, your users can download or use Acrobat Reader to watch PDF file at the browser window .
PDF file format is based on PostScript procedure language, it is a kind of flexible , file layout of stepping the platform, can be in Windows, Mac OS, transmits and has a look around under UNIX computer system. If there are PDF files in your webpage, you can guide users to websites of Adobe , facilitate them when read PDF file for the first time, can download Adobe Acrobat Reader free .

PDF file has the following characteristics:
(1)The format of the PDF file can keep the electronic file intact, script and script form, no matter on which kind of computer system and platform you comes to read these files , you can be guaranteed the form and design with original file in PDF file on the webpage.
(2).PDF file can include many kinds of languages in the same page , such as Japanese and English.
(3).PDF file can watch a page once , and type from Web, Web server only sends the page that users required, in this way, reduce the time to download greatly. In addition, users can type the pages or all file pages selected easily. To very long electronic file from the Web, PDF is the most suitable form .
(4).PDF file can set the space between suitable margin and page before typing
(5). You can use the safe password to lock your PDF file, prevent the unnecessary changes or type, or limit visit to important file.
(6). Users can control the proportion of display of PDF file in Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader , it shows very helpful to enlarge for complicated chart file of data.
(7). You can use one Web search engine to search at Web fast come index PDF file with convenient

About having the following four schemes to browse PDF file on Web:
(1). The browser supports directly of PDF , and PDF file was optimized, network server support one second download way (Byte-serving) of page- so PDF file once download a page and show at the Web browser window, this browse is the fastest solution of PDF file on Web.
(2). The browser supports PDF directly, but PDF file is not to be optimized, or network server does not support Byte-serving so the whole PDF file download to the machine totally, then show at the window of the browser.
(3). The browser supports PDF browse directly, and PDF file is imbeded in HTML webpage, allows PDF file to appear instead of occupying the whole window in Frame. One ActiveX browser, if Internet Explorer supports and has a look around the file in frame, Netscape Navigator compatible browser can show PDF file inside in HTML page , but need the linking to browse through the whole window.
(4). Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader are equivalent to the helping procedure of the browser, no matter whether support PDF browse at the browser window. The whole PDF file downloads in the machine with the browser, and Acrobat is as an application program that operates alone.

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