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Multimedia software

When involving infrastructure, bandwidth limit or the safe problems, products off-line combined with online audio-visual , are to become a best even the only choice. Our DV form combines the multimedia content perfectly with the information of the network of the QuickTime network scheme, bring you the products demonstration in the new area, learn to use and even in the popularization activity, uninteresting content presents excellence.

Desk-top computer is getting more and more powerful to become more fully to undertake the computing loading needed by the form transformation,the choices to carry on the playback here and on Internet are incresing, the multimedia trader would like to use the copyright administrative skill to support the digital copyright management rule to download the audio frequency or video already bought or popularized by the users.

QuikeTime which is introduced by the Apple Company is a completely new designed QuikeTime player, a new encoding / decoding compression engine, the number of hearing flow "breaking News" protection, no need to module downstream components for restart the machine, and the new structure of the music synthesizer improvements,etc.In the QuikeTime also at the interface have a number of improvements, including adding Mac OS X Aqua interface "red, green and blue" window controls, designed to be replaced by the volume designed by the volume rotating disk,to be replaced by the electoral preferences of the TV set button (let QTV Channel content and user preference item appears in the film QuikeTime player window), minimize design at the time of broadcasting audio, as well as use the Photoshop file to replace QuikeTime player appearance interface, new features.
In the Technical Architecture section, QuikeTime will integrate Macromedia Flash, SHOUTcast MP3 information stream, Cubic VR, Sorenson3 with the the MPEG-I encoding / decoding compression engine,etc.QuikeTime VR from putting out in 1995 to the present, though the middle have to revise slightly of the 2.0 QTVR, haven't any big technological improvement.Cubic VR introduced following with the QuikeTime, will provide a new feature of 360-degree panoramic looking around. For a long time, the panoramic film of QTVR can only offer some functions of browse of visual angle . Visual angle unable to look up scene of top of the head also unable to overlook picture of foot downwards. Through technology of Cubic VR, QTVR can have free panorama looking around function. In addition through Cubic VR high quality image of file support , QTVR can have a better picture appearance compared with past edition.

In the MPEG-I's support section, besides the QuikeTime can allows users to browse the contents of the MPEG-I compression format file , it also supports view function of the MPEG-I number hearing stream.Meanwhile,, QuikeTime News Streaming Server also provides the MPEG-I file format transferring function. In MPEG-II part, Apple show research and development of MPEG-II finish roughly already at present , must put out formally after solving the problem of authority. In addition, Sorenson3 codes with a higher compression ratio, as well as SHOUTcast support which can listen to MP3 music number streaming have been built into the new version of QuikeTime.
In the audio and video number hearing streaming technology, QuikeTime proposes a new technology of hearing flow "interruption" protection to provide users with a more stable browsing mode besides watching streaming content.The number of hearing through the mix use of QuikeTime streaming server QTSS3 with QuikeTime , will provide better management of network bandwidth capabilities,and advanced transmission mode suitable for the unsteady condition encountered when the network transmission.In QuikeTime Live! General Assembly speech, Apple vice president of worldwide product marketing phil schiller model to playing a video stream movie, suddenly unplug the mainframe computer connected on the Ethernet connection up to a few seconds long, but this paragraph the number of hearing video stream back to the Ethernet network connection will still be able to continue to play, users do not need to re-line and re-visit the content has already been shown.

In the plug-in module's function, QuikeTime provide a set of new component frame available for downloading from the Internet immediately and there is no need to re-activate the new component architecture , and allows the necessary development needed by vendors and delivery of additional QuikeTime plug-in module functions.Through the use of DLS and SoundFonts, QuikeTime software music synthesizer can use the sound wave form file format that be supported by a lot of wave form synthesizers together at present, and can expand and make broadcasting the function and result of QuikeTime software music synthesizer by oneself by a wide margin .

On Mac platform, the film producer can write any QuikeTime file and become and can broadcast and close automatically through QuikeTime player , see through use of AppleScript, film producer is permitted to carry out a large amount of miscellaneous regular procedures automatically, for example accede to film annotations and commentaries , select the regular length image,etc.Except above-mentioned functions, QuikeTime support real-time video-information function of editor also, and offer DV compiled code engine strengthened, to accelerate course of the formation of image of picture of digital video-information.

The multimedia shows the design
Design object The multimedia design The multimedia design The multimedia design The multimedia design The multimedia design

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