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Illustration Design:

The illustration design is one kind of image from using of the pattern to display the plroduction image, based on principle of consistency of aesthetic and practical,try our best to make the line more clearly and pleasantly. Because the inlustration is the common language that can be used in all of the world, its design for business applicatin usually be divided into three parts such as human,animal and goods image in its commercial application.

Human image design: The topic of illustration design is focused on person's characture,because the person's image is the best way for expressing the lovely and cordial senses, the creation of imaginary space for human being is unlimited. At first, the propotion of an adult's body from head to body is 1:7 or 1:7.5,and the children is about 1:4s, but the propotion of a cartoon's image on the screen of TV was appeared as big head bear,such a proportion of design can fully make use of human's head to express the facial expression ,facial expression is an important part of the human body, so the discription of human's eye is very important. Secondly, to exploit exageration empression of facial design couldn't make unpleasant and uncomfortable sense.In contract,it can make people laugh and feel warm,and let people to have a good sense,and all the image will be more clear and leave deeper impression to the audience .

The animal's image design: It has been a very long time for the animal design in cartoon network.Just as you know, many animals have become our pet and these animals are well received by humen being. While creating the animal's image in catoon network, we must attach the great attention to the animal's creative design, paying attention to visual anthropomorphic design techniques to the animals. For example, no facial expression of the animal is the main difference between the animals and human being.But cantoon design can let the animal have the smile as same as human being's,so make animal empression through catoon network in stead of human being is more easier to be accepted in humnan's life.

Commercial image design:It is the expension of the animal personification technique in the commericial field which could touch people's sense,the personification design in catoon network which could make deep impression of people to the goods.The design for goods anthropomorphic method could be divided into two parts:
The first one is the completed personification design, named as exageration design, use goods own character and model structure to make a complete personalized design.
The second is half personification technique,such as add hand ,foot and head of animals design as special personalization design.
The goal of above two personilized design methods are to show design more personalization and specialization,through animation's design,more emphasize about the commercial specification of the goods and combine it's action,language and goods together in order to make more clear function of the goods.The digital photographer is one kind of latest developemnt style.The photographer shoots the target with the digital camera or scans the traditional original one into the computer through the scanner, then adjust ,combine, make the new vision image up, through film recorder output the original recorder or the copy recorder finally.Such new camera technology has totally changed the creation concept art of photography optical image, and regard digital diagram treatment as the core, it is also called "The photography without using in dark place ".Such demonstrations caused the distinction among photographers, illustration painters and figure designers, if capable, these three kinds of jobs could be completed at the same computer .

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